Monday, July 25, 2011

summer of colour -purple

The weekly challenge summer of colour continues, with the colour purple for this week. Honey Bunny is the star in my painting " Take the ong way home.."  isn't she so cute?  The clouds are made from maps of  my hometown  NYC..

The heat wave here continues and it's really hard to do any kind of mind keeps wondering to the greek islands and my vacation, which is still a few weeks away..
ohh I want to tell you how amazing the Roger Waters concert was!! It was something between a concert and a theatrical performance. I was so lucky to be in the front row!!  It just blew me away at this absolutely amazingly talented man, so full of energy, and depth of his show!!
and as for Jon Bon Jovi....omg! the temperature that day was 104 degrees, and the band was soo fantastic! poor Jon was sweating so bad..I wanted to go up on stage and wipe the sweat off his face. ;) lol  I felt like a teenager, dancing and singing the whole time! (and screaming) lol  and, no I don't miss the days, but it's nice to let it all hang out and don't worry abt who's watching and have no inhibitions and just be a kid again!! you know what I mean?!  This is really what I love most about being the age I am (forever 36) the confidence, and knowing what I want out of life! getting it and not having to apologize about it! right?!  please tell me I'm right..!

Monday, July 18, 2011

summer of colour- red

The theme for summer of colour is red and he colour fits right in, since the temperature here in Athens, Greece is 97 degrees!! yikes! It's kind of hard working in this weather..all I can think about is the beach and how much I need a vacation. 
I forgot to say the lettering means Daisy in Japanese!! lol
Hope everyone is keeping cool :)
have a great week!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

summer of colour- brown

Good morning! Good morning!!  I just love going to the beach! went this weekend for my first swim and I was the whitest person there. I looked like a ghost lol.  I discovered this small beach and stayed till after sundown. There was this beach bar playing reggae music and I was sipping my iced cappuccino, gazing at the bluest sea ever!! and for a few hours I erased every little trouble from my head and just inhaled the sea breeze.. ohhh how I wish I was a mermaid...
My entry for this week for summer of colour gave me a little trouble since brown is not one of my favorite colours.. but I added my little guys, Shy and Yellow and of course Daisy always present :)  This print is available in my shop
Tomorrow Roger Waters from Pink Floyd is giving a concert and I'm going!!! YES! and Bon Jovi next week :) Isn't Jon Bon Jovi so cute?! he's a Pisces like me ;)
Have a great week!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

colour of summer- yellow :)

Yellow is this week's prompt for colour of summer. It's one of my favorite colours! when I think of yellow, I smile :))  It's such a happy colour!
  I have two pieces to share with you. I made the circus one, a few weeks ago, it's part of a series I've been working on about elephants! The other one is a portrait. enjoy and Happy Fourth of July!! oh how I miss that...