Sunday, September 29, 2013

New work

So this is what I've been up to these last few weeks! I am super thrilled with this new direction my art is heading! I am on a new adventure with so much to explore!
I took this design and turned it into a pattern :)
and now I can't stop!! I'm so loving this idea of pattern making :) :) Stay tuned for more.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


D is for daisies ;)  I was a bit tempted to include you know who (Miss Daisy) in this one, but decided the greater public wouldn't know who she is.. Although her dreams for Hollywood are still alive..she's not there quite yet :)  
Hope you are well my friend and enjoying Fall weather, I wish I could say the same..summer continues here, it's almost end of September and I'm still in t shirts and sandals. I'm begining to miss my boots..

This little guy wants to say hi :)    Can you tell I'm having fun with digital art?!  I've been glued to my computer for weeks now and can't wait to show what I've come up with, on my next post.


Monday, September 9, 2013


It was only a day trip, but I believe it was the highlight of my vacation. Kimolos is not a tourist destination and you realise that as soon as you step off the ferry. It's like stepping back in time..There are only a couple of taverns on the port, but these aren't your regular taverns, the food is prepared with such love and care, it's gourmet. I had a lentil salad that was fit to be in Bon Appetit magazine. yummmm.
Kimolos Hora is within walking distance and it also has a Kastro (castle).
The thing that I fell in love with, is that among the ruins, there were gorgeous white washed houses and the contrast between the ruins was fascinating!!

Everywhere I went, I could see how well kept the village was and there were tiny paintings drawn on the stone paved streets. every few steps, mermaids, tiny boats, sea horses...Even on the outside of the houses.
This island is full of creative people.

Hope you are doing well and creating :) Can't wait to show you my new work, I've been working like a mad woman learning Illustrator!!