Monday, May 21, 2012

body and soul....

Hope you are well, my friend! It's been a while... and although I really need to create, something happens every single day that takes me away from my art..and I'm miserable :(

This is all I have manage to create since we last spoke. and to top it all off, now I have to move out of my studio, store my supplies in a temporary space, until I can find a permanent studio space.. ughhhh
But in all this upheaval in my life, I have this big, huge plan in the back of my head, where dreams can become reality.. it's something that I plan for the future, hopefully in a couple of years, and when I think about this, I can feel my heart beating fast, real fast.  I won't give it away yet, because it's still in an embryo stage, like a tiny seedling that needs watering and nurturing. Sounds mysterious, huh?!  All I can say is that you will be a part of it too...key words...body and soul...nice, right?!
i love you <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy may :))

Happy May, my friend! Hope it brings you lots of sunshine and happy days :)

This is where I celebrated May the Athens flower show. Temps were in the 80's!! and it was so nice being surrounded by all these pretty flowers.
This is another thing I did this week... made a chocolate covered cheesecake. yummy!
Promise, my next post will be about art! Lol. enough distractions!
I'm thinking paper clay for my next project.