Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy may :))

Happy May, my friend! Hope it brings you lots of sunshine and happy days :)

This is where I celebrated May Day..at the Athens flower show. Temps were in the 80's!! and it was so nice being surrounded by all these pretty flowers.
This is another thing I did this week... made a chocolate covered cheesecake. yummy!
Promise, my next post will be about art! Lol. enough distractions!
I'm thinking paper clay for my next project.


  1. The cake looks even more beautiful than the flowers! Valerie

  2. And happy May Day to you too Joanna... yum... how delicious does your cheesecake look... I love that the strawberry in the middle looks like a little heart... and pretty flowers in the sunshine... enjoy...

    Jenny x

  3. Happy may to you too! What a fabulous way to start it off - flowers & sunshine. Well, and that delicious looking cheesecake too of course. :)

  4. Terrific start to May, wishing we had your weather, its horrible here in the UK...... Thank you for sharing the great photos especially the gorgeous flowers. x

  5. Oh I wish I was at your house!! The cheesecake looks fabulously delicious and the flower show--wow!! Happy May!

  6. fab photo's Joanna and what a yummy cake wow Hugs Elaine

  7. Wow, that cake at the end looks so good! What a fun event, thanks for sharing the pics. It's already hot here in TX, enjoy that wonderful weather! :)


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