Friday, April 30, 2010

it ain't over till it's over!

Four more days are left until the big day and yesterday I went to hang the exhibit full of excitement and relief that I was finally done with painting....but....and there's always a but.. The gallery owner was thrilled with my paintings and so was everyone else working there.....she turns to me and says "ohh Joanna I was hoping that we could maybe put one of your assemblage pieces  in the window..."  ( i don't make assemblage art! I've been thinking about it! but never even told her this!!)
 I turn to her with a blank look in my face and tried to brush her off... and then all the assistants there,  got all excited about the whole thing ..... "oh yes Joanna please make something please.."
I didn't actually tell them that I was going to make something just to be on the safe side, but then I came home and started brainstorming....
I had this wooden box that I bought at Michael's and thought to myself ...wouldn't it be so cool,  if I put Mona in a room setting?  yes!! That would be perfect! Soooo once again up until 2am taking the box apart making curtains for Mona's room that I glued on top of a thin piece of wood to raise them and give it a 3D effect.
I'm exited about this piece and can't wait to share it with you! Hopefully I'll be done by Sunday night and finally go get that manicure to look decent at the reception!!
Have a great weekend and Happy May Day!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I feel pretty

It's been a very crazy week trying to finish up the last painting and pricing everything !! yay! All that's left to do now,  is to find something very  "Mona"  to wear!! and take a breather before the big night.
I will be showing 32 paintings and I still can't believe I'm actually done! I did it! I did it!! yeayyyyyy! I'm so proud of myself for finishing on time and I hope and pray that my work will be well received!
This  is my entry for MMM. Have a fabulous and creative week my friend :))

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You are invited

I would be honored and thrilled if you would join me at my Art Opening Reception on May 4th 2010.
I am so exited, nervous, overwhelmed and can't wait!!  I am now working on my last painting which is the biggest one 24cm  x 1 m which I consider stopper. Sort of like the wedding dress, that fashion designers save for last!!  It's a very special painting, filled with emotion and pink clouds and lots and lots no,  not poodles, but...numbers!! (well maybe just one little poodle).  I will share this painting with you after my show. The only hint I can give you, is the title.... " Let's fall in love".
Above is the back and front of my invitation. I'm really happy the way these turned out :)).
Hope to see you there!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Heyyyy...look what i found!

When I saw the theme for  MMM I  started laughing because this is a phrase I use, when I want to distract Daisy, if she's up to something bad!!  I'll say " heyyyyyy, look what mommy found " and she'll drop whatever she's doing and run to me! hahhaha. ok,  you all probably think,  I have no life what so ever, since all I talk about is my poodle!
My entry is about these playing cards I found in a Greek Astrology magazine.  I have also used Greek text for the first time.  I'm real exited about that!  it makes this painting extra special for me.! The text reads
 " mature man that protects you "
I felt that it was soooo appropriate for this painting, since at the bottom  I am describing  a weird dream I had the other night, which I find myself in the middle of the Indian ocean swimming happily in pink water, when this mermaid man comes to rescue me! But I don't want to be rescued!  How on earth did that occure to him I have nooo idea! LOL. Please do not rescue!!
This painting will be included in my upcoming exhibition that is in... TWO WEEKS!! YIKES!!!!
These are the cards I used. They look like regular playing cards except they have the  interpretation on the bottom of each card. They came with a little booklet which I intend to read after my show is over .... and I can take a nice long break!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello Dolly

  This is a painting I've been working on for my May exhibition titled  " Games people play" and my entry for MMM  Hello Dolly. enjoy!