Monday, April 19, 2010

Heyyyy...look what i found!

When I saw the theme for  MMM I  started laughing because this is a phrase I use, when I want to distract Daisy, if she's up to something bad!!  I'll say " heyyyyyy, look what mommy found " and she'll drop whatever she's doing and run to me! hahhaha. ok,  you all probably think,  I have no life what so ever, since all I talk about is my poodle!
My entry is about these playing cards I found in a Greek Astrology magazine.  I have also used Greek text for the first time.  I'm real exited about that!  it makes this painting extra special for me.! The text reads
 " mature man that protects you "
I felt that it was soooo appropriate for this painting, since at the bottom  I am describing  a weird dream I had the other night, which I find myself in the middle of the Indian ocean swimming happily in pink water, when this mermaid man comes to rescue me! But I don't want to be rescued!  How on earth did that occure to him I have nooo idea! LOL. Please do not rescue!!
This painting will be included in my upcoming exhibition that is in... TWO WEEKS!! YIKES!!!!
These are the cards I used. They look like regular playing cards except they have the  interpretation on the bottom of each card. They came with a little booklet which I intend to read after my show is over .... and I can take a nice long break!!


  1. Hi Joanna!! I want to know more about the cards from the Astrology magazine--they look the same as regular cards--how are they different? Love your little painting!! Only two weeks!! Exciting!!

  2. This is fabulous Joanna! Such a fun piece. The cards are great too. Good luck with your exhibition x

  3. How cool these cards are!! and how exciting for you--Good Luck!! Love that fun art piece!

  4. Daisy and a fish in one piece!!! I love it! Such beautiful, bold, colorful and creative work as always!

    Thank you too for your sweet comments - they really mean a lot, Kristin xo

  5. Hi Joanna! I love your MMM piece! Two weeks until your show? yikes! I bet you can't wait for it to be over and you can relax for awhile. I can't wait to see pictures. Despite the crazy rush, it must be a fabulous feeling though :-)

  6. i always love your vivid colors!
    good luck for your show!!!

  7. Such a fun piece!! Like all the colors!
    And thatn fish as a dog is just super!

  8. what you have done!!
    It's really great artwork. Fantastic!!!

  9. Abolutely charming, Joanna! Diane


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