Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You are invited

I would be honored and thrilled if you would join me at my Art Opening Reception on May 4th 2010.
I am so exited, nervous, overwhelmed and can't wait!!  I am now working on my last painting which is the biggest one 24cm  x 1 m which I consider stopper. Sort of like the wedding dress, that fashion designers save for last!!  It's a very special painting, filled with emotion and pink clouds and lots and lots no,  not poodles, but...numbers!! (well maybe just one little poodle).  I will share this painting with you after my show. The only hint I can give you, is the title.... " Let's fall in love".
Above is the back and front of my invitation. I'm really happy the way these turned out :)).
Hope to see you there!!


  1. Thanks for the invite Joanna!! Wish I could be there for the opening. I clicked on the gallery link--very impressive!!! I really like Niki's paintings!! Can't wait to see your show stopper with the pink clouds!!!

  2. Me again. Be sure to post a copy of your invitation on sketchbooks!!

  3. Thank you for the invitation. I am going to print out a copy and put it in my new "inspiration" journal. You certainly are an inspiration and I wish you all the best.

  4. Joanna ... I am so excited for you! I know your show will be wonderful. The gallery is amazing. How thrilling to be able to show your work there! Can't wait to see your final piece!

  5. HOORAY - Go Jo, Go Jo-o. We are cheering from the sidelines. (and very impressed) Lori from Sketchbook

  6. Joanna;
    I am SOOOOO happy for you. Believe me I wish that I could be there to see your opening. You will have to fill us in on all the details. I know you will be a huge success!


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