Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eternal love...

I've been invited to participate in a most interesting and exiting exhibition this spring. " Homo Sapiens in love"  The show will be at Booze Cooperativa, here in Athens. I will post more on this most fascinating space. It's a very old building in the heart of Athens that has been converted into a bar, cafe, theatre, art space! I was in awe when I first walked in there!
''Eternal Love" is my first art creation for 2011. It's going to take several weeks to complete due to its complexity and the fact that each layer of paper mache has to dry, before adding the subsequent layers. I felt like a kid playing in a sandbox, while digging out the hole in the doll's chest! it was hard to stop!
hi daisy! lol

Friday, January 14, 2011

new year, new beginings

If only that were true..to erase everything and start all over again. Every little thing, every moment in our lives makes our experiences in life. who we are, where we are headed.. 2010 was a very intense year for me, both good, amazing and.. challenging.
 I recently bought Kelly Rae's e book and she mentions about a Buddhist belief that when several things start going wrong, it's because something bigger and greater is trying to get itself born!! I started crying when I read this.. It expresses me completely! How we need to find positives when everything goes wrong. Don't take me wrong. I am a  most positive person, my friends turn to me to cheer them up, but when one bad thing happens after another.... I start thinking and questioning "what's going on here"? this can't be, how much emotional beating can a person take?  It's because something bigger is getting born, that's why, dummy! Don't you get it? Nothing is easy in life!
So this is how I will bring in the New Year.. preparing for this...birth. Allowing myself to  feel down, burnt out and depressed but only for a little bit, because it will make way for inspiration and creativity in my world!
These area few of my key words for 2011..create, soar, surprise myself, courage, follow my dream, and most of all, be happy!!
Happy New Year my friend and thank you for being there for me and for your support. It means the world to me!!