Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eternal love...

I've been invited to participate in a most interesting and exiting exhibition this spring. " Homo Sapiens in love"  The show will be at Booze Cooperativa, here in Athens. I will post more on this most fascinating space. It's a very old building in the heart of Athens that has been converted into a bar, cafe, theatre, art space! I was in awe when I first walked in there!
''Eternal Love" is my first art creation for 2011. It's going to take several weeks to complete due to its complexity and the fact that each layer of paper mache has to dry, before adding the subsequent layers. I felt like a kid playing in a sandbox, while digging out the hole in the doll's chest! it was hard to stop!
hi daisy! lol


  1. Oh-this looks like such an interesting project--can't wait to see how it will progress.

  2. Hi Joanna! It looks like you have another fantastic project going on! I look forward to seeing more :-)


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