Wednesday, September 18, 2013


D is for daisies ;)  I was a bit tempted to include you know who (Miss Daisy) in this one, but decided the greater public wouldn't know who she is.. Although her dreams for Hollywood are still alive..she's not there quite yet :)  
Hope you are well my friend and enjoying Fall weather, I wish I could say the same..summer continues here, it's almost end of September and I'm still in t shirts and sandals. I'm begining to miss my boots..

This little guy wants to say hi :)    Can you tell I'm having fun with digital art?!  I've been glued to my computer for weeks now and can't wait to show what I've come up with, on my next post.



  1. Both really cute designs Joanna. Its turned very cold here in the UK...brrrr x

  2. This is very pretty. It's cool and wet and windy here in Rhineland! Valerie

  3. Joanna, you're missing your boots and I'm thinking I might have to find my rain boots soon! D-aisy and doggy are adorable.


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