Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Acropolis

Although I have moved here in Athens, seven years ago, I sometimes have to pinched myself that I am actually living here now, and not just visiting my sister during summer vacation!  it's kind of surreal at times. One day I'm in Washington, DC and the next, I'm moving to Greece. and although it hasn't been an easy transition, I have to confess...I'm staying put! I'm in love with Athens! with the people, the neighbourhoods,the weather (although it's snowing!! right as we speak), the sun! oh and the blue blue sky! This sky, that makes me feel so alive and free, that I can accomplish anything!! 
Yesterday I went for a walk in Plaka. It's the oldest neighbourhood in Athens. It's right under the Acropolis and it looks like a village within a city. That's surreal!! Don't let the shabby look fool you. Those tiny houses are worth millions! You can't find real estate under one million euros!


  1. I don't think of it snowing in Athens!! But even in the snow, it must be beautiful.

  2. Can't believe you've had snow in Athens.... love your photos...

  3. I went to Athens in 2009 and I loved it. There are so many images there that just captured my artist's heart. I wished I had taken 1000 more pictures!


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