Sunday, June 5, 2011

mini folders

Here they are.. my little pink cloud fairies! made into mini folders. They are now available at the Benaki Museum, here in Athens, and at my shop.  I am so happy with the museum. They gave me my own spot in front of the window! I have two more items to show you, as soon as I find a (mini) model :))

I am now on my way, to a peaceful rally at Constitution Square, to protest against the new austerity measures the Greek goverment is imposing on this country!  Spain was the first country to arrange such rallies. Hopefully it will stay peaceful as over 100.00 people are expected today!
Have a very creative week!!


  1. These are wonderful Joanna.
    I understand why you are protesting but please be careful. Annette x

  2. I am so happy for you! HOW COOL to be a "transplant" from the US to Greece and then to have your art in a museum there - it must be thrilling! You are SUCH an inspiration - thank you for sharing and please let us know how it's selling - oh, could you take a picture of your display in the window? xoxo

  3. Love your fairies!! Hope the protest remains peaceful!!

  4. Hope everything went well! A spot in the window? That's sayin' something! They are lovely.

  5. They are so sweet they make me giggle!

  6. LOVE it! Monday fun day! Perfect - SO honored to have you playing along, Miss. Museum ;) xoxo

  7. These are lovely, well done for getting them into the museum! Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking foward to seeing more of your work.



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