Wednesday, March 7, 2012

smile, good things are ahead :)

Blocking everything out and daydreaming is what I love when I'm painting. I just let my subconscious take over and find myself in a different world... a world full of happy thoughts, sunshine,laughter and positive thoughts.. Good things are ahead, I can just feel it!  What do you dream about when you're painting?
Can you see my crochet flowers? I've made so many, that they are taking over my journal pages. Lol

One thing that I miss from the US is being able to find stores that sell unpainted furniture at reasonable prices..not so cheap here in Greece.. I painted these pieces back home and I always smile when I look at them :) they make me happy.
Hope you are having a great week! Can you feel spring is almost here?!


  1. Joanna your artwork is just so happy. I love that you are surrounded by it, makes for a happy day Im sure.
    Hugs Elaine

  2. Beautiful pages Joanna and loving the crochet flowers.
    Loving also your fab furniture, am so jealous..... Hugs Annette x

  3. Love your journal pages, those flowers are adorabe. Love the painted furniture. :)

  4. Fab journal page! I love the crochet flowers, wish I could crochet myself..

  5. Your journal pages are gorgeous Joanna... fabulous crochet flowers... yes I love slipping into that lovely place of calm when I paint too... good things are ahead... feeling the same way... your furniture is beautiful...

    Jenny x

  6. Lovely pages, and the painted furniture is gorgeous! Valerie

  7. Love the pages and the furniture - so bright and colourful!

  8. I love how you added the crocheted flowers to your journal. I always the extra dimension and texture.

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