Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ice cream inspirations

As I write this post :) the temp in Athens is 100 degrees! yikes!! I really wish I was at the beach...sighh,  but this studio move is like a never ending soap opera.. I counted 55 boxes! and hopefully this Sunday, the movers are taking over.  gosh, get this thing out of way, finally!
Anyway..the big news this week is summer of colour, is back this year and the theme is ice cream inspirations. When I saw the picture Kristin posted, it reminded me of  a silk shibori fabric, I had created a couple of years ago and wear it as a beach cover up.
 I don't know if you all know this, I am originally a textile artist turned into mixed media by " accident" Lol. I was preparing to teach a class on fabric printing a few years ago and didn't want to waste silk fabric, so I did my testing on paper first and... I fell in love! so here I am.
I know that this atrwork wasn't prepared this week, but the colours were so sherbet looking that I had to share :)
ps. please forgive me for not responding to my comments right away, hopefully I will be back on track by next week :))


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! Hope your weather cools off a bit for you, and that your move goes smoothly, take care! Valerie

  2. That scarf looks good enough to eat!!

  3. wow you look fabulous in this amazing outfit. x

  4. This is beautiful! And so perfect for the sherbet-challenge! :)

  5. Good luck with your studio move...

    the fabric is amazing.... what a lovely photo too


  6. The fabric is stunning and so perfect for this challenge. You've put it to great use too.
    Hope you get your boxes and studio sorted soon.
    Have a great week

  7. that fabric is gorgeous! i enjoyed looking at some of your older blog posts, too. i don't even like cheesecake and that chocolate/strawberry cake below was making me drool! :-)
    good luck with your move!

  8. That is a perfect share I think... wish it was 100 here... it is freezing in my part of Australia...sorry I am so late getting here for week 1 and can't wait to see what you get up to for week 2...xx

  9. Oh no no no. That wpuld be to hot for me :P

    Hope your studio move goes well, you're right those were the perfect sherbety colours for this week :)

  10. Hi, Joanna. Just happened upon your blog at Carole Reid's blog. Your beautiful fabric drew my attention. I enjoyed going over some of your older posts--your work is very creative. I get it about the heat...I'm not far away!
    best from Tunisia,

  11.'re fits in perfectly...good luck with your

  12. Beautiful Joanna! These are my favorite colors of summer. My wardrobe is full of them but nothing as gorgeous as this I'm afraid, lol.

    Jessi xox


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