Tuesday, October 23, 2012

trick or treat

Wish I was there to go trick or treating... The closest thing to Halloween is carnavale, here in Greece, which is celebrated over several weekends in February.
I will be there in spirit, though! So Happy Halloween my friend!! eat lots of candyyyy!
joanna and daisy


  1. Love, love this!! The gradation of color in the sky is perfect. the whole thing is just darling!

  2. happy Halloween to you. You can be with us in spirit! I love this piece. It fits perfectly with the mood around here. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I love hearing from you.

  3. Ahhh! I will be running around with an angel and a soccer star trying to manage their candy so they don't bounce off the wall! ;)It will be fun though. Happy Halloween to you and little Daisy.

  4. What an adorable painting - so memory evoking, reminds me of when I was little and tagging along behind my older sister.

    Even though I don't trick or treat any more - I will most certainly do the candy thing.

    You should dress Daisy up and start the tradition over there! That would be so much fun! My daughter has a costume for her wee pup- Alfie, he will be a shark! He looks too cute for words in his little outfit.

    I'll enjoy the festivities for the both of us! With smiles, Jenny


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