Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't forget to breathe

I think the title of this latest piece suits me just about right  My head is just exploding with all that I learned from this awesome-est course!! If you are seriously considering art licensing you should definitely look this one up. The topic for our last market was the gift market and Lilla not only is a gifted teacher but gave us so much business advice and information for each of the markets we covered. I am just blown away and to think I had no idea what art licensing was, until last year..

   Did you know that we can lend our art to different manufacturers and they can use it for product development? They can take a whole painting or just a part of it and use it on fabric, stationery, gifts and all sorts of stuff! All this is done with a contract and we get royalties for each piece, sold!
Awesome?!  I would be thrilled to see one of my designs on a shower curtain or a greeting card! aaahhh :) 

My other news is that I'm getting to leave this weekend for Sifnos, for my show opening! I really need this mini vacation soo bad. These last five weeks were so intense with little sleep in order to fully concentrate on my course.
If you are visiting the Greek islands, stop by Cayenne in Sifnos. I would be so happy to meet you in person :)
 I shipped my paintings last week and already had sales on them, even before show opening which is on the 19th. Niko who's in charge posted this pic on fb :) 


  1. Good luck with your show--hope you sell lots of art!

  2. wow congratulations on your sales Joanna, you are doing brilliantly. Loving all your works of art. If I was going to Greece I would definitely visit your wonderful exhibition. Hugs Annette x

  3. Good to hear you are having fun, and getting some successes with sales - great! Valerie

  4. Wowzer Joanna. You're on an artistic roll! Congratulations. xo Carole

  5. Oh, I love your art Joanna. It's so whimsical and happy to me. It sounds like you have been so busy with your artwork. Have a nice trip to Sifnos, and I hope you're enjoying the summer days.



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