Thursday, January 30, 2014

My new web site

Yeayyyy!!  Finally!!  I have a new web site, after weeks of trying to figure this out, ughhhh, and hopefully won't have to deal with it again... MY WEB SITE IS UP AND RUNNING!

 Do I sound like a kid? hahaha I feel like I climbed Mount Everest! jeezz! all this tech stuff is just too much to understand. All I want to do is paint, thats all. All this other stuff is a bit too much to get! ok, I am proud for doing this all on my own, I just hope I remember all the steps if I have to, NOT!! domains and hosting and whatevers...blah blah. :) 


  1. congratulations Joanna, am going to pop over and have a look. Loving your fab dancing dolls. Hugs Annette x

  2. Good for your ! Going to go check it out

  3. I have been working on my website too. I can only handle it for a little while and then I have to do something else. I'm glad that you have yours up and running.


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