Monday, June 21, 2010

All you need..

Yay!!!  I'm so exited to be posting from the beautiful Greek island Paros!! After that horrend heat wave in Athens, here I am, sitting in a cafe by the bluest water and feeling the breeze on my face.. just wonderful to be able to get away. It's a whole different world here on the island!  It's like a fairy tale! The houses are whitewashed with narrow cobblestone streets. So romantic..
My painting is inspired by a very old church here in Paros. I made a photo tranfer of it and was quite pleased with it. Hope you like it! It's also my entry for MMM.
Next week I'll posting from....Frankfurt!!  Can't believe my luck! Two beautiful trips in one week! My bestest friend is going to pick up an award for her company and make a speach and I'll be tagging along for..moral support,hehehe.  Thanks Myrto :)) I'm thrilled about this trip, since I've never been to Germany before!  And since all good things come in threes...please, please God let the next one be Milan or Paris!!
I send you my love, dear friend.


  1. Hi Joann!-i love this painting!!--I'm in Denver, Colorado visiting--not nearly as exotic as a Greek island, but at least it is much cooler than where I live in Missouri! have a safe trip to Germany and I'll be rooting for paris or Milan next! Hugs

  2. This is so beautiful. No doubt that wonderful was inspired by the ocean. Thank you for sharing a bit about your trip with us!

  3. Gorgeous piece and how wonderful to be there on Paros. It sounds like an ideal place to vacation. I love Germany and I think you will enjoy your trip there very much.

  4. Joanne; I really love this. I cannot get my head around the concept of transfers. I have read about them in numerous places but have yet to do one. Your painting is beautiful as always. Enjoy your time traveling. Hugs to you.

  5. Wow, Joanna - this is amazing - and lucky you, creating in such an awesome place! Diane

  6. lovely colours.have a nice trip to Frankfurt


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