Thursday, June 24, 2010

The icing on the cake

One of the reasons I went to Paros was to visit  "The icicng on the cake".  It's the most amazing children's store that now carries my work. Maria Kavvadia, the owner, has two stores, one here in Athens and her flagship store in Paros. Most items in the store are handmade and organic, that she picks out on her trips from  all over the world!  I was walking by her Athens store one day, and  I was mesmerized by the storybook design. It reminded me of  a gallery for kids!!  I'm so glad I went inside!
 Ok, now I have to unpack my suitcase and get ready for my next adventure. Frankfurt..see you on Sunday!!


  1. how wonderful that your art jewelry is in this charming store. i love seeing these photos. wishing you a grand trip~

  2. Congratulations! Looks like a darling shop!!

  3. What a beautiful shop - you must be so happy and proud to have your work there! I love everything about it, Kristin xo


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