Sunday, August 1, 2010

Past loves...

Past sounds a little sad, doesn't it?  Looking back, reminiscing.. Well, as an artist, textiles, is one of my past loves. Even though I don't work with fibers anymore, they do pop up from time to time. I get into these moods where I obsess over felting, shibori and embroidery.
I was experimenting with stamps and painting on fabric, when I started my mixed media paintings. About four years ago, I was preparing to teach a class on surface painting and stamping on fabric, and was too lazy to get up and cut fabric from the bolt,  so I just stamped on some scrap paper on my desk,...and fell in love..( see, laziness pays off too, sometimes) hehe.
This is one of my new paintings from the circle theme. I'm still in the very begining stages. The large circles are shibori. This painting is called " It always takes two to tango". Hope u like.

But...because, laughter cures everything and we need more humor in life!! I had to make this second painting too!!  I must tell you, the first ting that came to mind, with this MMM " Past loves" challenge was... boyfriends! lol and of course I couldn't help myself!!
Now you tell me.. Does she or doesn't she have an attitude?  She doesn't even remember how many they were! Romeo of course was the love of her life (so far) ! lol
I have to share this with you too..I wanna be your dog hahahahha
Have a great week my friend and laugh, laugh, laugh. Life is too short!


  1. I have been inspired by your post today(O: Thank you, I think I am going to make some stamps today. Your painting are really great, well done!

  2. Hi Joanna
    I really like your abstract painting-nice and of course, boyfriends is too funny!!

  3. Love love love it!!! The first piece is so bold and unique - the color combination is FAB and I love the meaning of it. And of course I love that fickle Daisy! What a perfect painting!
    Thank you too for your sweet comments - it's not what you may think but I do hope for that soon (I think we're on the same page!) But do check out my blog when you can as I am having a big giveaway . . . xo

  4. I LOVE this--so cute!!! And I have to ask you if your precious little doggie is out of the dog house yet since last week? lol

    This is too adorable for words and you are awesome!

  5. These are both the colors in your first piece. It will be beautiful. And love the old boyfriends list LOL! I must admit I thought of old BF's first off too!

  6. I love your circles Joanna, even though I'm a big fan of your animal paintings!!

  7. both are wonderful, the circles are absolutely great!
    have a laughing week, joanna!

  8. Joanna thanks for your sweet comment on my Erosion Art book, I always come in a good mood when I visit your blog, there is so much humor in your paintings.

  9. Joanna, LOVE the attitude lover. Trouble lived up to his name! HA!! Can't wait to see your finished Tango painting. I already love the colors!
    Also, hadn't thought of Iggy Pop in quite some time. Too funny!!!

  10. These are both wonderful- great color, design and fun too!

  11. Both are fabulous, but I must admit I'm partial to the first b/c the colors are stunning! I started as a textile artist too and sometimes I miss working with fabric. YOu are very talented.

  12. Two wonderful pieces, the colours are great.

  13. I love them both but the dog one really rings true :))

  14. Beautiful painting the vibrant color...and the title, two to tango...fabulous!!
    Made me smile with your boyfriend painting too:)

    Jenny x

  15. Your creations are just so beautiful, you are a real artist ! And i totally agree, we need to laugh more, and try to look at the silver lining, because it is everywhere. Thank you for sharing your art with us :)

  16. Oh, Joanna, I love both pieces! Thanks for the smile! Diane

  17. I love the Past Loves- what rich colors.


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