Sunday, September 5, 2010

U2 concert

This is where I was on Friday!!  U2 were here in Athens!!   
80.000 people came to see them at the Olympic stadium!!
Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! Of course it doesn't apply here in Greece but it brings back memories... school starts soon and so does....Fall!! yay and yay again!
I also want to tell you that I have been working on a secret project these last few weeks and will reveal to you hopefully by the end of the month ;)


  1. That's a bunch of people! How fun to see U2.
    Can't wait to see the big reveal!!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous time you must have had, great music and lots of energy there!!!!

  3. that stadium is amazing! Imagine 80,000 people in one area.

  4. Love your art! What a great time you must have had at the concert!


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