Monday, November 15, 2010

The pink cloud fairy

Hello my friend!! Sorry I've been away for so long..It's not that I haven't been thinking about you, but I didn't want to burden you with all the personal complications  in my life... but, here I am, with so much to tell you about my work and what I have been designing for the last two months!
As you know I have been working on the little girls for some time now and have been inspired by them. I tried many different styles for their faces and wanted to make them original, cute and a bit comic. So I came up with big heads and huge eyes!  I am anxious to hear your comments!!
I started painting in this tiny journal 4x7'' which I am enjoying immensely! I have been taking my tiny journal everywhere with me. Sunday mornings is my special journal day. Going out for coffee and journaling at the cafe, while the waiter discretely hovers over me to see what I'm painting. Anyway journaling is not common here in Greece. I must do something about that. teach journaling and show other artists how fullfilling it can be and most of therapy!!
some of my friends have been calling me fairy... I suppose it's because of my positive attitude or maybe because I live on a pink cloud.. don't know. lol but that's how this series started. I am calling it " the pink cloud fairy"  This fairy is me, the pink cloud fairy.. I have three more friends, Mary, Danielle and Alexandra. and of course...Daisy will be included as a fairy too!
This one is one is my sister Mary!
More to come tomorrow!!


  1. I just loved your work, it is so nice to be inspired with children.

  2. Oh-I'm so glad your are back and I love your fairies!!!


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