Saturday, November 20, 2010

my heart belongs to you...

I carry my journal with me, everywhere I go, and yesterday I discovered this hip cafe in  Gazi, one of the most artsy places in Athens, and sat for coffee. It was early in the afternoon so I had the whole place to myself!! ohhh what joy! even the music was inspiring! Jazzzz! yes!  This cafe is also an art gallery! so I fit right in!  I have to say, its not like me to sit alone for coffee, but I'm working on it and I am finding myself  enjoying it immensely!!

Just finished this painting.


  1. So are you using watercolor crayons on these? I like the heart hanging from the tree.

  2. I would have loved to sit there too... My better half and I are pretty serious art collectors and I can sit for hours staring at one painting.. I am going to sound weird, but there have been paintings that are so beautiful, they have brought me too tears.

    I love your journal, the colours are just so uplifting and vibrant.


  3. Hey!
    It's been too long since I've visited - your work is so stunning as always! I am so impressed by you and have even more appreciation of your girls since I have been trying my hand at painting lately too. It is so much fun to learn and you are a beautiful inspiration!
    Hope things are going well for you - much happiness, Kristin xo

  4. This is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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