Monday, November 29, 2010

Sonny Rollins

The greatest living Jazz legend was here in Athens yesterday! He is celebrating his 80th birthday with a series of concerts!  I was really fortunate to attend this huge event. I couldn't get any of my friends to join me so...I went alone. Going places on my own is something I'm working on! lol!  I think it has to do with confidence and being comfortable with ones self.  and I had a fantastic time! This was way too easier, than painting in my journal alone, at the cafe last week!!  I kept putting off buying the ticket, just in case I could persuade my rocker friends, and it just happened that I bought the very last ticket! that "alone" was a sign to me!
What's next with my little "alone" exersices?  Dunno! Travel to India, alone? no, no not there just yet! lol
Have a very creative week, my friend!

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  1. Good for you Joanna!! I think it was a sign that it was the last ticket!! What if you had finally gotten someone to go with you and there was only one ticket left--you might not have gone!!


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