Sunday, February 6, 2011

the art of silliness

Be optimistic
don't you be a grumpy
when the road gets bumpy
just smile
smile and be happy

Now that I'm all done with my website and other serious business stuff  I really need a break!!  I am taking my first on line art course the art of silliness. This session is now closed but Carla will be offering it again in May.
Thank you Carla for the inspiration and for making me laugh so much!!


  1. This is gorgeous and I think silliness is so important for artistic creation. We all take things a bit too seriously. Love visiting your beautiful site!

  2. I love your silly drawing!! laughing is so good for us!!

  3. You are the second person that has had great things to say about Carla's class! I really want to take it!!!


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