Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new progress

It's the most gorgeous day here in Athens!! temps in the 60's and the sky couldn't get more blue-r! This kind of weather always makes me feel so good about life lol! makes me smile for no reason, gives me hope, positive vibes and inspiration!  plus " sweet home alabama" is playing on the radio!
 I'm in love with my sculpture although it's coming along real slow. the drying times are driving me mad and I keep adding all these elements... it's taking more time than I anticipated.
The skirt part is fabric dipped in wood glue! kind of messy but the result is more than I had hoped for. It made the fabric SO stiff and unbendable. so many possibilities with this technique!! I want to fabric mache everything in my house now!! lol
there she is again! i'm sure she knows i'm abt to take a picture!!


  1. This is looking so good Joanna!! I envy your 65 and blue skies!!

  2. I'm moving to Greece. I love the sculpture - will it continue to evolve?

  3. I am teaching a class on Syros in May and hope to spend time in Athens! I lived there as a military kid and am happy to finally be going back. I loved mixed media and enjoy combining it with watercolors. Your art is so fascinating and beautiful!


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