Wednesday, October 26, 2011

trick or treat

ohhh how I wish I was there... I'm starting to get real homesick around this time of year.. sigh..
Hope you all have a great Halloween and eat loads of candy!!  my favorite is mr. goodbar. yummmm


  1. Love your little witch! Have fun, too, even if you are far away! Valerie

  2. Awwww...I'll have the kiddies put aside some Mr. Goodbars for you :)

    Love this piece, so sweet!

  3. You just need to gather some eye of newt, a dried batwing and the tear from a ladybird. Mix them up with a wish and poof! You'll be back home for Halloween!

  4. I love this little witch, she is so cute. My boys are still young, so we do the trick-or-treating gig every year. It is usually pretty cold here, so we have to cover up the costumes with coats.

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