Thursday, November 3, 2011

seeker of dreams...

To be brave, courage, chasing my dreams, reaching for the stars, feeling lost.. HOPE, having faith, destiny... this is what was going through my mind, while creating this 3D painting.
 I've been feeling so vulnerable these last few months and...really homesick. Dad this is a hint for you to send me a ticket plzzzz. I miss you..


  1. Wonderful piece; hope you can soon visit home again! Valerie

  2. This is a great piece of art. I hope that you can feel peaceful soon and get back home for a visit.

  3. Love this little painting! Hope you get that ticket!! Big hugs!

  4. Oh this is beautiful Joanna... hoping that ticket comes your way very soon :)))

    Jenny x

  5. I hope your daddy sends you the ticket!
    I hope your will feel stronger soon.
    I hope you know how lovely your work is!

  6. I LOVE this piece. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I hope you get to go home for a visit!

  7. Awe, this is so touching. I love the had that holds / directs the dreams and of course the big eyed babe in the forefront. Really beautiful and thoughtful work. I do hope you get home ;) xoxo

  8. love the moon

    you are my moon//


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