Thursday, November 10, 2011

i'm a little flower pot

This is one of the designs that will be featured on my new line of mugs :)
 Meanwhile, Greece is in a political turmoil. The government can't choose a new Prime Minister and  the country is left without a leader for days now. How embarrassing and sad... The Greek people are suffering enough as it is.


  1. Lovely design, bright and cheery as opposed to political disasters and our crumbling Euro!! Valerie

  2. She is so cute. I have to make a note to myself to go look at all your cups!! Terrible financial problems in Greece and now Italy.

  3. This is a really cute design. It makes me smile. I have been thinking of you as this political turmoil is going on. I hope that the government can get its act together and make things right.

  4. I'm sorry your country is going through hard times... I hope things look up soon for Greece!

    Your new design however is fantastic, perfect for a mug :) xo

  5. Poor Greece and it's people. I think the people in their gov't should all buy one of your mugs to drink some joy.

  6. First of all, I LOVE this - really, really bold and beautiful! I hope you do so well with your mugs - I think that they are so cool and unique - and would make great gifts this Holiday.
    Secondly, I am thinking of you and your friends and wish you all so much luck and love, xoxox

  7. This design is so cute, bright and fun. LOVE it! I'm sure you will do well with your line of mugs!
    I'm so sorry your country and it's people are suffering. I hope things can get sorted out and settled soon.
    Jessi xox


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