Monday, November 28, 2011

passport art journal

A few days before my trip I saw the cutest altered passport on Teesha Moore's blog and decided to make one.

I've been taking this little guy everywhere with me!
As you can see, most of them are shopping receipts!!  Duane Reed(drug store) was really happy to see me and so were AC Moore and Michaels! lol
  I'll be extremely lucky if I don't get charged with over weight luggage, but I just couldn't help myself..there were sales everywhere I went!
I've been lucky with weather as well. Temps are in the 60's, warmer than it is in Greece (50's)! and that's really odd!
 Hope you all have a great and creative week :))


  1. This is SO cool - I love your journal and those NY pictures are FAB! You look so pretty - I hope you're having so much fun! xoxo

  2. Glad you are having such a creative and fun time! Valerie

  3. This is a great way to remember what you did and where you went on a trip. Such a cool idea.

  4. Loving your passport pages and it sounds as if you bought some great pieces. x

  5. Hi Joanna!

    What a creative thing to do with an expired passport. I'm tempted to haul one of mine out and play with it! Trick is to have a theme - life right now is a tad dull - so I'd hate to have my little booklet reflect that!

    Nonetheless, it is clever! Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents - you are very motivating.

    Happy thoughts,

    PS - I've got a post over at my place that might be up your alley - it's about adding a Favicon to your blog address, come take a look! I could just see one of those pretty pink flowers before your blog address, up there in the address bar!


  6. oh this is such a cool idea!!!! your passport art looks amazing!!!!!

  7. Woo spree in NY! The temps sound perfect for a NY holiday. So jealous!

  8. I love this NY page. How can you not, NY is fab! This whole journal is awesome~

  9. Thank you my friend!
    PS I am LOVING my Mug! I'm using it everyday and it makes me so happy ;)
    Thanks for the holiday smiles, xoox


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