Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Athens metro system

I've been preparing for  this post for some time now, mainly to add more pics and with the political turmoil going on in Greece, I thought it would be appropriate to share this today.  I feel deeply saddened with the riots that took place in Athens, on Sunday. What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration, turned out to be a most frightening experience for the crowd that attended. Over 170
stores and businesses were burned and looted. Many people have now lost their jobs. Some of the buildings that were burned were two neoclassical theatres that were built in 1870. The Attikon theatre survived occupation by the Nazis during World War II and now to be burned down by anarchists just brings tears to my eyes..

I am honored to be living here in Athens, a city so full of history and I want to tell you about the most beautiful, amazing metro!  Every station is like a mini museum! During excavations, the workers had to stop digging because of all the plethora of ancient artifacts they would find!! amazing?! It took them a long time to finish each station. Every few metres of digging they had to stop and call in archeologists to retrieve antiquities.There is a whole city, underneath this city!  I have seen all sorts of  ancient objects displayed at various metro stations. Tools, vessels, even toys!! 
I've been collecting these pictures to share with you. Of course, I haven't seen even half of the stations in Athens. Some of them also display sculptures of Modern Art. Many talented artists live here :)
The other thing that amazes me, is that the subway here is..spotless! even though you will see no trash can in sight!  not one little shred of paper on the floor!
This from the metro station near my house :)  The display is beneath glass, on the floor.
All this is mind boggling to me, and I love and respect this country, that has become my second home :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos Joanna! I have been wondering how you were doing in the midst of all the turmoil there. It's nice to be reminded of all the wonderful history of Athens.

  2. I'm glad that you are safe. I have been thinking of you while I read the news. It is sad that people do terrible things during troubled times. Thanks for sharing these pictures. It would be amazing to be someplace with a lot of history.

  3. Such a difficult time for Greece. Thank you for reminding us of the beauty and ancient history of the land you call your second home. I've heard about how beautiful the metro stations are but had never seen any photos. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  4. My heart goes out to you and hoping you will stay safe through this terrible time.
    Thank you for showing such great photos. Annette x

  5. This is incredible, I had NO idea about all the artifacts, I am just amazed at these photos. I can't wait to share these with my kids..I homeschool my daughter and we are studying ancient Greece right now! Thanks for sharing this and I hope things will become much more peaceful very soon. Scarlett

  6. This is fascinating Joanna...I'm glad you showed us these amazing things.
    I am so saddened by what is going on in your beautiful country at the moment, I only hope things begin to improve very soon. Greece is our favourite place on earth - we visit every year - and it breaks my heart to see whats happening.
    Keep safe and keep us informed.


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