Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy february :)

I don't get why February gets a bad wrap.. that it's the coldest month of the year, the bleakest, blah blah..Well, it's my favorite!  Valentine's day for one and it's also my bday month (28th)  and Daisy's too!  ohhh so many cakes to bake this month!
Hope you are doing well my friend! creating up a storm!!
I am officially addicted to crocheting! I keep an eye out for pebbles to crochet and ssshhh don't say anything but when I cant find any..I swipe them from various flower pots! My mom's apt building has just the right size pebbles by the front entrance, so every time I go visit....Lol. My sister caught me last week, stuffing my purse with rocks and gave me a raised eyebrow..
That's one of my rocks and I also made a little case for my phone:)
ps. about the painting...the writing on the waves say " choose me, choose me, choose me".  Lol


  1. Love your new painting. Terrific phone case and love your idea with the rocks......its great to meet someone who is as daft as x

  2. Oh that little case is so darling...I'm addicted to LOOKING at other people's crochet since I can't do it! :) And I love Feb., too, yay for more winter and lots of heart!


  3. I love February too. You have the same birthday as my son! Yipppee for the 28th. :) I also celebrate my mother in law this month and my anniversary on the 13th. Darling painting too!

  4. Your art is beautiful!
    I have my daughter home today and we have enjoyed looking at your beautiful mixed media pieces so much... happy crochet to you, it is so addictive isn't it :)

  5. February does get an awful rap but Valentines Day is all about love and hearts and cakes and love and being able to be silly about all that love!
    Even your little girl in Fishy looks like she's ready to kiss someone!


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