Monday, January 30, 2012

366 calender challenge

Happy Monday :))
While I was visiting the US, I picked up the latest issue of Somerset Studio and the article that struck me most was about  Kate Krane, and her art calenders.  I have been writing in those tiny Hallmark datebooks since I was 15, and  when I saw her beautiful project I was immediately hooked! so I joined her 2012 challenge.
This is my January spread. I made my own 8x5'' journal out of watercolour paper and card stock, and followed  this tutorial on how to bind your own book.
Meanwhile I'm crocheting like crazy and working on this new painting :)
Have a most creative week!!


  1. Glad you are having fun with the calendar challenge, too! Valerie

  2. Smashing calendar spread Joanna and loving your new painting. Annette x

  3. I love these projects. It is a great idea to make your own personalized little calendar. Your new painting looks really interesting too.
    I hope you have a creative week too.

  4. Your calendar page is beautiful! Love the colours! Can't wait to see your future calendar pages :)
    (Also thanks for becoming a follower of mine. Glad you did, that way I found your blog and had to become a follower too. Just love your work! :) ).

  5. Cool that you have started following my blog
    :-) Look forward to seeing more of your calendar

  6. Thanks for following!
    I just have checked your blog and wow! Your are very talented! I love your drawings and your paintings! That litlle creature in you january calendar is super cute! :D
    I also see you have made a book tale. I am trying to make one too! ^^

  7. Wow, I LOVE your calendar page, the little painted figure is amazing :-) Thanks for joining the challenge and good luck for the rest of 2012!

  8. What an interesting blog you have - when I get time I'll have a better look around but this whole page was so interesting. I'm sorry to hear about your sleeplessness - my brother hasn't slept properly for years and I really feel for him because it affects his whole life. Hope you soon get to the root of it and can sort it. Lovely work and such talent x

  9. love your little figure and your watercolour paper, it will give you wonderful texture.


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