Tuesday, January 17, 2012

have a good dream...

My sleepless nights continue and although I've been listening to my rain cd, which helps me to fall asleep, now I'm having nightmares almost every night! and I'm talking about really ugly ones, like driving over dead bodies and dreaming about daylight no longer existing and everything is pitch dark.. yikes!  I wake up terrified and can't go back to sleep. Talking about sleep disorder!!  Well, I must say even though I am sleep deprived, I'm full of inspiration! lol  I have been working non stop on three different projects at the same time.  One is my BB book, the other is this painting, and...
I've started crocheting again!! I'm not really good at it (weaving is my thing) but I don't care. lol  I find it soothing.
I work on my paintings during the day and then at night I crochet! last night I made this really long flower garland :)) 
Stay tuned for more pics from BB's travels.
Have a great week!


  1. Hope those nasty nightmares soon stop! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh no! I hope your nightmares stop soon too and you can get some rest!! You are so right though - it hasn't effected your creativity at all. :) I have never crocheted, but it seems really soothing. I LOVE that sweet little flower garland. So whimsical and cute!! xxoo, Jen

  3. Loving your works. Nasty nightmares should be put in your art journal, that way you will get rid of them, plus it would make fascinating viewing..........or am I being too gory. x

  4. So sorry you're having nightmares. I hope they stop soon. But I love all you're creating! I want to learn to crochet.
    Catherine Denton

  5. I love those crocheted flowers! I like Netty's idea of writing and arting those ideas out.

  6. I love your dream painting. It looks so peaceful and beautiful, I hope it brings you good dreams instead of horrible ones. I too like to crochet a bit, sometimes the bug hits me and I just have to feel the yarn in my hands.

  7. Your painting is glorious! I am sorry to hear of your bad dreams and insomnia...


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