Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BB's travels

I've been so obsessed with making brownies the past few weeks and been pouring over old Bon Appetit magazines, that last night I kept dreaming about chocolate. All night! Lol at least I had no bad dreams again!  I'm using my daughters'  bdays  tomorrow as an excuse to make them. Lol ( they both live in NY)  Daisy and I will be celebrating by making them cake and eating it, too. haha. They are both born on the same day! several years apart, and no, it wasn't planned :)
As promised, here is BB's book all finished and I'm so happy with it.    hope you like :)


  1. I love your book, it is so cute. I love your style.
    Two of my kids were born four days apart, but I couldn't get them closer than that. They are seven years apart. Have a good party for your girls.

  2. Beautiful book, really cute! Valerie

  3. BB will love it! Yummy, brownies.

  4. Wow what a fantastic blog, thank you for visiting mine and leading me back here! Hope your daughters had a fab birthday x


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