Monday, January 23, 2012

greek farmer's market

Happy Monday :))
  I was going to post my finished book today, but I got a little sidetracked with the farmer's market, while visiting my mom. She moved to Greece over a year ago, from CA and it's a blessing to have her here so close to me :)) One thing she really missed about Greece was the fresh produce at the weekly farmer's market. She goes every week and today I decided to join her.
That's my little mommy :)

 Every neighborhood has their own " laiki agora" once a week, rain or shine and it's a delight shopping there. The merchants yell out their prices and make funny jokes as to attract customers.  Prices vary depending on what time you go.. you get better deals if it's late in the afternoon. Everything they sell is so fresh and high quality.

 I love the noise and the beautiful colours of the Laiki agora!
Have a great week!!


  1. Love the photo of the olives!! Lucky you and your mom to have such wonderful farmers markets.

  2. I love Farmers' markets and try to get to our weekly one whenever I can. We go to France sometimes and they do the market thing there so much better than here. Those olives look DELICIOUS!!! Love olives!!!

  3. Yum, we only have the farmers market during the warmer months. Everything is so yummy and fresh looking. I wish that I could get more types of olives here.

  4. Great photos and the market looks fabulous, am full of envy. x

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Valerie

  6. Pretty pictures! Your mama is darling! Hope you're enjoying the day.

  7. Oh Joanna... the market looks amazing... beautiful produce and gorgeous pics... so nice to visit here again... have been trying over the past few weeks but think Blogger has been playing tricks and I couldn't comment nor see all your pics...

    Jenny x

  8. What a fun way to spend with your mom. Those olives would be hard to resist!

    We have a cheese shop in Nanaimo which carries cheeses from around the world. My mom always begs me to take her there to pick up her favourite British blue cheese.

  9. Look at your Mama!!! YES, I agree: that market is gorgeous and I LOVE that beautiful shot of the olives! I want some ;) I go to our local farmers market every week, and I take my Dad! It's our weekly date! Love this, xoxo


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