Thursday, January 19, 2012


At  Netty's suggestion, to put my nightmare in my journal, here it is...  the fish monster is inspired from my favorite artist Miro and has appeared many times in my work.
 While I was in NYC last month, I walked into this tiny little shop, that sold herbs, candles and religious artifacts. I was greeted by the cutest old man, Mr.George, who was a very gifted man in reading peoples' minds, The first thing he asked me was.. " oh, I see you are having trouble sleeping and are having bad dreams.."  I just stared at him in disbelief!!  I thought to myself, my makeup is really bad today and it shows that I haven't slept well, lol or that he was just trying to sell me stuff. which of course was not the case.  He kept talking to me and in the middle of conversing with me he would just tell me about things in my past that just floored me!!  He told me that he was from Puerto Rico and that he lost both his parents at a very young age and ever since then he would have very scary visions about people he knew and was very frightened. He was just a young boy when this first occurred and didn't know how to handle it, until he had an angel appear in his dream and has been guiding him ever since.
I stayed and talked to him for a while and when I left, I felt this serenity and peacefulness...
Mr. George gave me a prayer by St. Alejo  and I tucked it in the tulle in the bottom of my page.


  1. Great idea to make it into journal pages; hope your dreams will now be sweet! Valerie

  2. It is always special to have someone come into your life JUST at the right moment with JUST the right things to say to you. What a blessing Mr. George was to you and now you always have that prayer. Try saying it just before you go to sleep...let us know...
    ps scary journal page!

  3. Wow that is one very scary dream Joanna. Now you have painted it you can put it away forever.
    Loving your story about Mr George, he sounds a wonderful man. Sweet dreams my friend, Annette x

  4. oh I love this!!!! what a fun and spooky dream!!!!

  5. Perfect story and I love that you tucked the prayer in your journal page. Powerful mojo!!

  6. WOW!! What a cool story! And I totally believe that people have gifts like that - I would have stayed to talk to him too! Beautiful journal page - such a great idea to write down all your dreams, both good and bad, I wonder what insights you may have when looking at this in the future. Really beautiful, xoxo


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