Monday, August 6, 2012

vacation time :))

Finally!!! and just in time! This non stop heat wave is the worst ever and I can't wait to get on that boat and feel the sea breeze on my face... That actually is the best part of my vacation..the boat ride :)
even the 4am wake up doesn't bother me. just get on the boat and off to the Greek islands! yesssss!!
Meanwhile, I've been preparing my journal, to take with me..
Hope you have a great summer and see you back here in a few weeks!!


  1. Have a great time, have fun, and enjoy every cool breeze that floats by your noses! Valerie

  2. I just LOVE that you prepped your journal pages ahead of time - that equals the perfect Summer break! I'm off to a small vacation at the end of this week - I just may try the same!
    Love to you and Daisy and I hope you both have SO much fun!!! xoxo

  3. Love your cute pooch, fab photo.....and your journal pages already look amazing. Have a wonderful vacation, xx

  4. Yay!! Have fun! Sounds very dreamy. :) That is THE cutest pic of your doggy too. Love it!

  5. Have fun on your vacation and enjoy the islands.

  6. Please send me your address so that I can post your fabric card.Jill

  7. I hope you are enjoying the summer days. It has been very hot here in California, and I'm trying to stay cool. When I hear you talking of the Greek islands, I just smile automatically. Your doggy is so sweet.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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