Wednesday, August 22, 2012

magical Serifos....

Hello my friend, I've missed you... How was your summer? 
I just got back from visiting my favorite Greek island, Serifos. I was there last year and fell in love...and just had to go back again...
One word describes this island....magical...
Every day, after going to the gorgeous beach, I would stop for coffee and take out my journal....ohhh the view was just increadible.. right across from me, I could see the Hora, which is built on the mountain. There are houses there, built right on the cliff, scary, but people actually live in those tiny houses.
Serifos is rich in mythology as well. Medusa's head is burried on the island. She was so beautiful, that Poseidon fell in love with her and because she didn't care for him..he turned her into a monster. Everyone who dared to look at her face turned into stone, as did the king of Serifos Polydectes, who was a very mean king to his people.
This is taken at Hora. Can you see how thick the walls are? amazing! (click on the pics to see them full size)
Don't let the outside fool you, most of these houses are renovated and the interiors are updated. Some are tradionally furnished and others are modern :)
White washed and blue doors everywhere!!
Hora is most beautiful at night...people sit at their balconies with lit candles, listening to music and it's very romantic..

I'm in love with these chimneys...some are fireplaces and other for wood burning stoves. Aren't they so pretty?..
White and blue..everywhere...
 Can you see how happy I am there? like I belong, right?.. I had such a hard time leaving...
Sunset...just breathtaking...

That's the port in the background.

Catgammon, anyone? lol  I remember this kitty from last year. she loves sleeping in there. hahaha
I had wine from those grapes!! pretty strong stuff!  On my last day on the island, I had lunch (fried kalamari) at this tavern right on the beach! my feet were touching sand, that's how close to the water it was!  The family who own the tavern, grow their own vegetables and make their own wine :) how cool is that?..
Hope I didn't bore you with all theses pics. I you want to read more, please see my posts from last year.
I am lucky this year, as I will be visiting one more island this summer, Sifnos. It will be my first time and I'm pretty psyched about it! I won't be leaving for a couple of weeks, so that gives me time to prepare my journal, once again :)


  1. Eeeekkk!! Not bored AT all! I love seeing these pictures. It is a total dream of mine to make it to the Greek Isles someday. So dreamy! I LOVE the white and blue. Complete swoon. :) You look so happy in these pics and I can see why. I am looking forward to hearing about your next trip! xo

  2. Ooh it looks such bliss. I went to Corfu this year. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a place to add to my list!

  3. This all looks so amazing, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! Valerie

  4. wow thank you for sharing these great photos, the place sounds wonderful. x

  5. Your description of the island and your beautiful photos make me long to visit the island.I'm gald you had such a wonderful holiday.

  6. Bore me...I think not...I wished I was there, even as a fly on the wall. WOW, I just love living in Greece vicariously through you...ahh...if only I would wake up and actually be there!

    But...this is as good as it gets if one can't be right keep the photos coming.

    With envy and a very big smile, Jenny


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