Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If only I could stay longer....
This was my first time in Sifnos and also my first time visiting a Greek island in September, when most tourists have gone back to work and their homes, and I must's the best time to go to the islands.
Sifnos = FOOD!! seriously!  I've never had this kind of dining experience before! omg. Even their "plain" dishes were extraordinary. The most important Greek chef was from there, so of course there is pressure or lets just say pleasure for the locals to keep up with Nicholas Tselementes (1878-1958).
Feta cheese balls served with rasberry sauce!!
I had the most amazing food at Cayenne restaurant, which is also hosts a gallery  upstairs....and guess who is having an exhibition there next year :) Niko who is also the chef and owner is an artist himself, invited me to show my work  next summer.
I met the most hospitable and humorous people and made special connection with a couple of them :)
I'll tell you more about them in my next post.

Sifnos is also known for their pottery. The island is full of magnificent artists! A lot of the houses are decorated with pots. even on the roof tops!

This is the view from my room!!

Appolonia is the capital or Hora of the island. It was so pretty at night, with beautiful restaurants and cute little cafe bars.

And of course, gorgeous churches all around the island.

Breath taking sunset.(view from my room)
I will show some more pics on my next post. hope I'm not starting to sound like a travel blog, but I wanted to share this with you :))
Hope you are doing well and creating beautiful art. I have some serious catching up to do, blog wise and work wise... I am sooo inspired by my trips this summer and anxious to get my paint brushes out!!


  1. Looks just wonderful. Just love the white buildings and the blue water and the sun

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. I'm glad that you enjoyed your vacation.

  3. Joanna - there is no such thing as getting too much of your travels (writing or pictures). I keep asking myself what I'm still doing sitting here when these stunning photos call out and dangle the travel carrot in front of my eyes. momentarily requires me to do my travelling vicarious through your writing and photos. I'm lucky to live in The Third Most Livable City in the World...and, like you, I like to share it, and enjoy it at the same time.

    There is a saying "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" - this goes for location too!

    I can hardly wait to see what creations you come up with after these lovely travels, which can only inspire great things.

    And...congrats on the pending art exhibition for next summer, what a wonderful thing to look forward to.

    With smiles, Jenny

  4. wonderful photos Joanna and the food looks spectacular. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday, x

  5. Oh my gosh!! I love seeing your pictures!! It looks like a magical place and that view from your room is fantastic. My goodness do I love all that white. ;) Looking forward to seeing more!!

  6. The photos are gorgeous, looks a great place for a break! Valerie

  7. Gorgeous photos Joanna... so beautiful... and the food looks and sounds delicious... stunning pic of you... and congrats on the upcoming exhibition...

    Jenny x

  8. Hi, Joanna. I enjoy stopping by your blog for a breath of fresh air, so to speak. Gorgeous photos and excellent descriptions. oooooh the food!
    best, nadia


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