Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blondie and Daisy animation

please let the video load all the way before watching :)

Ok, I am super thrilled with this new art form!! It never occurred to me really, to ever try it, but like with everything else in my art career...I stumbled on it by researching for something else...hahaha Ohhh how I love it when these things happen!! Just like when I was a textile artist and preparing to teach "printing on fabric", I tried it on paper (cause I was too lazy to get up and cut fabric from the bolt) lol That day was a turning point in my art career! I "discovered"...mixed media!
I'm not saying that I will become an animator, but wow!
I was actually researching, pen tablets and saw this animation software that was included with this tablet and .....downloaded the trial version to see what it's all about.
So, here I am weeks later..after many trials and errors..with my little video..
I know it's not perfect..and that's ok for now. I'm so proud of it :)
" Blondie and Daisy"
I have so many ideas, my head is about to explode! Lol
My little characters are coming alive :)


  1. Oh my gosh! How fun is that! I see a Daisy & Blonde cartoon in the future. :) Let those ideas soar!!

  2. It's fantastic! How clever, I am very impressed! Hugs, Valerie

  3. There definitely has to be a Daisy and Blonde cartoon in the future. Brill fun. xx

  4. Fabulous, Joanna! I can't imagine what you'll do next. How exciting! xo

  5. Joanna - that was awesome. I smiled all the way through...your little foray into animation may just make you the next big thing! Too cute!

    Isn't it fun trying new things, taking a chance and finding more ways of fuelling your passion. You are quite the inspiration, - do you know that?!

    Every time I drop in I'm smiling when I leave. Thanks, Jenny

  6. Um, yeah! That is awesome! So bold and colorful and cute - just like you! Thank you for sharing and good luck on all your future film making :))


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