Tuesday, December 11, 2012

happy holidays

I am in love...with..animation!! My head is sooo exploding with all these ideas and scenarios for my little people. I go to bed at night and I find myself in cartoon land! Forget about Christmas decorating and shopping! All I have accomplished so far with anything Christmas is my annual card. I know I'll be running around like a crazy person this weekend trying to decorate and shop!
I feel so alive again, I find myself smiling all the time, I'm pretty sure that people think that I'm in love. Except it's not a man..but a cartoon! hahahaha

My other news is that last weekend I participated in a small Christmas show that my cousin Penny invited me to. I really didn't expect that I would actually sell anything but I went anyway to spend time with her since I hardly see her. Well,... we barely spoke, we were too busy selling!! our table was the busiest there!  Penny makes the yummiest little soaps and I say yummy because they smell so good, you just want to eat them. I sold lots of pendants and my new prints :)) I'm so happy with the way these prints turned out.

BTW have I told you I'm in love? Lol
This is my next project in progress. '' Shy'' is making his debut in animation land :)  Can't wait to show you!


  1. Enjoy being in love, sounds good! Congrats on selling so well, too! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Dear Joanna - your joy is infectious - and it's a bug I'm happy to be bitten by!

    I can hardly wait to see what "Shy" is up to in animation land! I do have a big ear to ear grin from the smile this post has put on my face.

    Gosh, of only more people felt their passion this passionately! You go, girl!

    And...just don't you worry about decorations or trees! Tis the season to be happy and it sounds like you're a head by a mile!

    Hugs, Jenny

    1. Oops...typo alert... "if" only more people...


      you're "ahead" by a mile...(sound just so funny the other way!)

      Just too eager to press Publish - that's me!

  3. Isn't it exciting when you are just grabbed by something so creative and new!!

  4. Yippy....your excitement makes me want to giggle for you! How exciting to have found a new passion. Great news about you and your cousin doing so well. xo

  5. I'm glad that you have found something that makes you so happy. When my son saw your new guy "Shy" he got all giggly and happy.

  6. What a beautiful post Joanna... I love that you are smiling and in love... your Christmas Show sounds like it was wonderful... and I can't wait to meet Shy...

    Jenny ♥

  7. Haha! YES, you've got the editing bug!!! Can't wait to see where you go with it all :)
    AND LOVING your show and seeing your art on the walls - no surprise that yours was a busy booth.
    AND (one more thing ;) SO HAPPY you got skins for the girls - I bet your art on them looks perfect!! xoxo


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