Monday, January 14, 2013

back in the groove

No more excuses, the holidays are over..and it's time to focus, right? It always takes me a while to get back into the swing of the things, after Christmas.. Are you the same?! lol  I'd feel much better if I had some company in this! hahaha    This time a had the excuse of running around like a crazy person to fill out last minute orders, so I guess a much needed rest was in order.

But it's back in the groove now :)  and to get back in the flow of things, I took out my very neglected journal and finally finished the last four pages! whew! so now I need to start a brand new one, and I'm glad it will be with the new year :)
I need to make a confession at this point...cough, cough, I have been having a secret affair with... animation...during the holidays..(plz don't tell my journal)  But everything is under control. I promise.
I've made a strict schedule for myself. Paint during the day and animation at night. That way everybody is happy!! right?!
Just to let you know, I've missed you my friend!! Hope you are well and smiling :)



  1. I know that feeling of trying to get back into the groove - happens to me every morning when I get up! love your journal pages, have fun in the new one! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Yes I feel the same way! Finally getting my groove back too!

  3. Welcome back (I say that as if I too hadn't been absent for ages over the holiday period!!) I also have an excuse that most of my art stuff is in storage waiting for our big move but I've still missed being able to get properly creative and missed visiting all my on-line art friends. I don't know the first thing about animation other than loving all the animated movies allegedly intended for children such as Ice Age 1, 2, 3 & 4!

  4. NOOOO, you are not alone in that! I only got back to arting just yesterday - and am so happy about it! LOVING your journal pages - and I love your new work in animation - it's so fun to see you following that passion too. Happy New Year friend, xoxo

  5. Yes, I totally got out of the groove but thankfully I've finished my Circle Journal and have started on a new daily journal for the year. I'm also taking a break from painting while I work with book pages and folding projects. All so exciting with the beginning of a new year! xo

  6. Happy New Year Joanna.... thank you for visiting my painting blog, as you can see am taking a break from crafting and spending the time painting..bliss.......
    Great art pages and would love to see your animations as the picture at the top looks fab.
    Hugs Annette xx


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