Friday, January 25, 2013

row your boat..

Well the bathroom doors at the Boogie Bar are all done and finished and what fun that was!! So now the plan is to start getting ready for my upcoming exhibition, which will be this summer in Sifnos. I don't have a theme or title yet but I keep envisioning fishies everywhere.. Lol
I have been working in my journal to help ease into the swing of we'll see where that leads to.

Meanwhile...I'm keeping to my strict plan of painting during the day and animation at night...sooo I want to share my latest animation. I'm learning how to make blinking eyes and mouth movement. I need a lot of work in lip syncing...that's hard! but I'm determined to make it right. One of the fun things in animation is that when you design characters, you have to add a bone skeleton so they can move! so after I'm done drawing the little people I add bones to them!! hahaha


  1. Oh that little animation is so good!! And I love your red haired girl.

  2. Ha ...... very cute! I love the blinking eyes and moving mouth. How late are you allowed to stay up at night? I bet it's quite addictive.....adding bones must be quite thrilling! xo Carole

  3. Fantastic work, love your animations. That song takes me back a few years! Good luck with your projects! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Loving your animation Joanna, especially at the end when her eyes open up as she catches the fish...brill. Loving your red haired girl as well. hugs Annette x


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