Friday, May 17, 2013

RULE no 10

This is the last painting from the series on how to attract a man. These paintings will be part of my summer exhibition on the Greek Island of Sifnos. Opening night is July 19th. Sifnos is a beautiful island, famous for it's food and ceramics. If you are planning a vacation to the Greek Islands, I highly recommend you visit this gorgeous place. Plus I would be thrilled if you stop by the exhibition :))

Next on the agenda is fixing my blog..ughhh I hate all this technical stuff, but I need to turn this blog into a web site of sorts. Adding some buttons and pages. Any help would be sooo appreciated. I always get so confused with all this jargon etc. I recently bought my own domain and it took me for ever how to figure out getting traffic over to my blog. I think I figured it out by pure accident...
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Very cute little people. Wow, you live in Greece? How awesome is that! Good luck on your exhibition. Your blog looks pretty nice to me. take care.

  2. Your exhibition will rock! I SO wish I was there (for many reasons ;) What a great idea for an exhibition too.
    And Yay for SOC - it wouldn't be the same without you!
    Oh, and consider getting help for your blog if you're anything like me - totally unaware of technical things :- I use the Fairy Blogmother :) xoxo

  3. Oh Joanna, I think your blog is delightful just the way it is. Your posts are sweet and simple, two things which I appreciate the most. Love your drawings too.



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