Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rule NO 7

Do you see my excess baggage? hahahaha
  It's Holy week here in Greece and everyone is getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year..Easter. Saturday night there is a midnight mass, where all the Greek people gather outside of church holding candles. The candles are a big thing here!! Everywhere you look, you see handmade candles(labades) being sold. One of the stores I sell my work to,  will be using one of my pendants as an ornament for the labada :)

Easter day is celebrated with lots of food  and music! It's tradition to cook lamb on a spit, ideally on an island.... but I will slow roasting  mine in the oven with lots of rosemary and garlic. desert is Joanna's famous chocolate covered cheesecake ;0 
Another tradition is Easter bread,(tsoureki) which is similar to challah bread, but sweeter.
 Happy Easter to all the Greek people :) and Russian too, since we celebrate our Easters together.


  1. Love your Rule! Thanks for sharing the pictures, ad enjoy your holy week! Valerie

  2. Loving the fun painting and thank you for sharing the photos. Enjoy the week. Hugs Annette x

  3. Happy Easter to all Orthodox people, not only Greek and Russian. I will celebrate Easter this Sunday too :-) I will make the braided bread (not sweet) and red eggs. Nice reconnecting with you! xoxo

  4. Joanna,
    What a beautiful tradition you have in Greece. I have seen this Easter bread, but have never tried it. It looks so yummy. That is so special that your pendant is displayed at one of the stores. I love that all the Greek people gather outside holding their candles.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  5. Oooh, this is brilliant! You had me at Chanel :) What a beautiful piece - and have a wonderful Easter!! Sound like an experience. So happy for you, your work, and your guests who get to eat that cheesecake!! xoxo

  6. Lol! Love this rule. :) Have a great holiday!

  7. This is neat! We had Easter a month ago here in Canada. Your dinner sounds amazing, my belly is grumbling and wishing I was a dinner guest to your Easter!

    Enjoy ^.^


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