Monday, June 23, 2014

My dream tonight


     Have I ever told you that I suffer from sleeping disorder? Ever since I was young I had trouble falling asleep and always wake up several times during the night...ugh.. I've tried every remedy under the sun and moon, well the last few years I take melatonin and that seems to help, but sometimes I get the weirdest dreams..and my dreams are in color!! really!
     The other night I had this really annoying recurring dream about this painting I had just finished, So in this dream, that kept waking me up, like a hundred times, I kept seeing the same painting over and over and over again, but in different colors! Do I like it in yellow?...yes, no, maybe...and then again! Do I like it in blue?..yes, no, maybe....and then again!! and all night long I kept dreaming about the same stupid painting, which I really love in real life..  ughhhhhh all night long I dreamt  the same painting in all the colors of the rainbow!!!
    So for tonight...I'd like to special order this newest painting for my dream....a nice peaceful dream, filled with flowers, stars and with a splash of red, to keep the story interesting and no waking up, please!!! Thank you :)



  1. Love the strong colours in this painting! It looks peaceful, so I hope your nights will be peaceful too ... ;-)

  2. This is another lovely composition, so well painted and with a strong theme. It's clever how you have brought the orange branches of the tree over the top, and I like the starry sky, the crocheted flower and the swirly pattern at the bottom. Very inspiring.


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