Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Greek Island of Serifos part four

Most of the pictures I took were of  doors! I am always fascinated by them. I have a big photo collection of doors from the Greek islands and maybe should have an exhibition of them one day.. just kidding. i just love them.

Serifos has hundreds of churches, most of them tiny, reminds me legos!

Every day after going to the beach, I would head over to this cafe and Art journal :)) it was everything I had dreamed of,  all be on a Greek island and just play in my journal!  It was the most rewarding holiday.. I came back to my studio full of inspiration and ready to get back to painting.
This is the view from where I sat :)

Another interesting place I found to journal was here. This room belonged to a cafe, it was very artsy with all sorts of paintings and odd household stuff on the walls. this room had no roof! which made even more fascinating! lol

one last picture of a gorgeous sunset..

Thank you for following my trip :) I now have to go catch up on all your blogs to see what I missed.


  1. So beautiful, and a wonderful place to be creative! Valerie

  2. Oh my goodness! These shots are spectacular! WHAT a dream come true - I love the idea of your vacation - and the pictures of you! Such a pretty lady ;) It looks like you had a brilliant time - thanks for sharing it with us, xoxo

  3. I've just been enjoying your trip second hand through all your photos and posts! What a wonderful place! I am also one of those people who takes a lot of photos of doors! Last year I went on a work trip to Valencia and everyone was laughing at me!!
    I love both those cafe shots - just imagining you sitting there journalling away!

  4. Such a beautiful, beautiful place. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :)

  5. Joanna, What a fabulous place you have shared with us! I will go back and view the last few posts as I have not be able to be online the last few weeks. I am a door freak too - lol! I can dream that I am able to journal in that interesting roofless room too... So incredibly awesome!!!
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  6. Dear Joanna,

    Thank you for sharing your time in Serifos with me (us) - it was a delightful pictorial escape and one that has inspired me to put this place on my "must visit" list.

    Your jewellery pieces are whimsical and energetic - truly perfect for seeing the brighter side of life - I think your pieces will sell very well in Serifos.

    Where to next? This travelling vicariously suits me at present as I must wait patiently for my wings to mature before I too can take flight!


  7. Such wonderful photos Joanna. It is many years since I was in the greek islands and memories flood in. There is nowhere else in the world with the blue/white contrast so startlingly beautiful.

  8. Thank you my talented friend!!! I hope you have a great week, xoxox

  9. Hi Joanna,
    I'll be posting a blog giveaway soon and was hoping I could get all my followers to share with their followers. I haven't posted it yet, but when I do...

  10. I still can't get over those doors! Thank you for your sweet comment today - I hope you're doing well ;) xoxo


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