Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer of colour- orange

Just got back from a long weekend to the most beautiful lake in central Greece, Lake Plastira and am so pleased to share these pictures with you! but first let me say, that this week's challenge for summer of colour is orange! It's a colour that I use often in my work!  In this painting, the elephant theme continues and I decided to play with BB's hair and give her a more fun, summery look :)

This weekend I took a train trip! to central Greece, to attend in a music festival in the most amazing place in the mountains, Lake Plastira. It was only for a weekend but I feel so rejuvenated, it feels like I was there for at a week :)
The village where I stayed at, Pezoula, is on the mountain and is surrounded by fir, oak trees and chestnut trees!! I have never seen a chestnut tree in person, have you?
There were rivers running through the forest and villages and you could drink the spring water! amazing!!
There was even a water mill, where the local ladies wash there blankets and rugs!
This is the entrance to a local tavern.
This what I saw in the forest..

I saw a dragonfly!! same colour as my tattoo!
The music festival was right on the lake.

a greek chicken roaming the streets! hahaha

This is what came up to me while I was having coffee down in the valley, in Karditsa!

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour and are having a great summer! Next week I'm taking a two week vacation, which is something I haven't done in years. I'm off to the Greek islands and counting the days!!


  1. Hi Joanna, loving your paintings as usual, such fab coloured hair.
    The photographs are beautiful, can see you had an amazing time there. Have a wonderful holiday around the islands, you deserve it. Annette x

  2. Exquisite!
    I have just arrived home from a hectic day, running errands, in our west coast version of the tropics (mini heat wave) and here I see these truly spectacular pictures...I felt suddenly rejuvenated.

    I even, went and made some ice tea, came back and really enjoyed each photo.

    Thanks, it's what I needed! A wee bit of Greece without packing a bag!

    Cheers, Jenny

    Okay...a footnote, to make you laugh.
    The word given by the word verification feature was...oven!
    Go figure!

    Well...let's see what I get this time...

  3. What an amazing place to spend a weekend! I think I'll suggest a peacock move in at my favourite coffee shop! Pink elephants...oh my...what was she into? Lovely painting.

  4. Your art is beautiful and so are the pictures of your trip! Looks like a wonderful and beautiful place to go!

  5. I love your cute little orange haired girl with the lucky elephants looking on....and...oh you make me jealous how you just take a train trip to central Greece...amazing...and wonderful photos...xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos, and I love your inspired painting, too! Valerie

  7. Love your orange cutie and those darling elephants!
    You live in a beautiful country!

  8. A wonderful picture. Just love those elephants. And thank you for sharing your photos with us. Looks like you had a great time. :)

  9. What wonderful travels--love looking at your photos!! I love your orange haired girlie, too, and the elephants are a perfect addition!

  10. Hi pretty lady! I love that you have one of your necklaces on in your picture - and they are beautiful shots! Just breathtaking - and I love the Peacock! Of course your picture is just beautiful - I love her bold, summery "do" and the patterns on the elephant's ears! I can not wait to see your show and tell - if you are around. It will be quite a colorful body of work. Have a wonderful time on your vacation! xo

  11. Oh! And 200 followers! Awesome, xo

  12. Sounds like you had a great trip. :) Your girls is again cute as can be. Love the elephants!

  13. Gorgeous Joanna... love the elephants too... and your pics are AMAZING... oh my gosh what a wonderful weekend away... sounds like it was fabulous :))

    Jenny x

  14. Your piece is wonderful! I love the bright colors and your "clean" style! :-)
    And thank you for a fun little sightseeing in lovely Greece! :-)

  15. Oh I enjoy again your drawing...I like so much your style, it is unique!!!
    thanks a lot for your photo of your greek travel, I went there 30 years ago, I adore to see again and again that country...the dragonfly, the turtle, the rooster are so cute...

  16. I love your summery girl and the elephants. Your pictures are amazing too, it is such a beautiful place.

  17. Love your happy orange. What a wonderful week you have had. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  18. oh happy painting and happy elephants!!! LOVE! And I love your photos...I was in Greece when I was much younger, and it makes me long to go back!

  19. What an amazing place! Now it's on my list of places to visit. I want to go to that tavern behind the big tree. Amazing! I hope you are enjoying your long vacation! xo

  20. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures...this may be the only way I "get" to Greece. :) Love your adorable girl too...and those elephants are the sweetest.

  21. I long to go to Greece and your wonderful photos have made me determined to get there for my next holiday.


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