Monday, August 29, 2011

The Greek Island of Serifos part two

One of the most interesting things that I saw in there, was the wall art! I never expected to see photo transfers in Serifo of all places. they would pop out on odd walls. Vey creative!!

and street art! Now please tell me you wouldn't  be smiling as you walked on these streets?!

this was on a roof top :)

and because it gets very windy, this is how they secure the flower pots.. cool?!

This is one of my most favorite pictures.. I was walking to the very top of the fort and discovered this house full of chimneys! I think some of them are for the wood burning stoves!

more flower pots..

I got all excited when I saw this lilac flower pot, that I didn't realize that I had walked in someones yard, poor people were just staring at me and probably thought to themselves.."another American tourist" lol
Part three continues tomorrow :) hope I'm not boring you..


  1. It is so beautiful there. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  2. How beautiful the streets are! Great photos. You are not boring me!

  3. I'm dreaming...I'm along for the ride and I like where you're taking me.
    There is something about the white and blue - and all that art placed in and around's truly magnificent.

    On to # 3 for me...I'm a little behind on my reading, but these photos can't be rushed so I wait for a time when I can sit back with coffee in hand and really enjoy them.

    Cheers, Jenny

  4. You're right! I would totally be smiling if I walked on these streets. Thanks for walking there for us and taking pics and sharing. Your appreciation for the place was extremely contagious!


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